Answers from the I Ching

On a beautiful summer evening, July 23, Greenheart Transforms presented the second installment of Emanuel Kuntzelman’s I Ching workshop. Circled around the Adler Planetarium’s Spiral Sculpture, those in attendance enjoyed their picnic dinners while Emanuel opened the evening’s gathering with discussion on spiral formations, synchronicity and the cosmic evolution that has brought us to this singular moment.

Creating a Spiritual Community

Don’t sit out there and wait to be a chosen one. Choose for yourself and decide that you are one of those that have been called. When you choose to make that decision, that’s when you reach out and find those around you who are making the same choice of reaching their highest potential.   As Michael Murphy says, “If you have a calling, that is the most precious and sacred thing in life.”  And if you choose to be called in the company of others, forming a spiritual community, that’s when the story begins to take on a life of its own.

7 Steps to Ecstasy I Learned at Esalen Institute

I strolled up to the hilltop on the far end of the grounds overlooking the gardens and was just amazed at the rich, psychedelic splendor of the plants, vegetables and flowers. If there ever was a Garden of Eden, it couldn’t have been much better than the garden of Esalen. There I flourished in a mindful meditation, enjoying my own experience of oneness with the now, and was able to obtain the natural high of ecstasy at Esalen.