Three Books by Ervin Laszlo to Add to Your Reading List

As an example of a man I admire greatly for upholding the highest quality of both conscience and consciousness, I refer you to my dear friend, Ervin Laszlo. Growing up in Hungary during World War II, he was forced to abandon his studies and his homeland and pursue a self-made career in his unique way. A renowned concert pianist at an early age, Ervin gave that up for the pursuit of philosophy, physics and systems theory.

Now one of the most influential new paradigm philosophers in the world, Ervin Laszlo’s latest works are available and I highly recommend adding them to your reading list. Here are a few subjects I encourage you to explore:

  • For a glimpse behind “What is Reality?” click here for a preview.
  • For a fascinating journey into the nature of consciousness, aided by co-authors Jean Houston and Larry Dossey, do yourself a favor and order a copy of his new book “What is Consciousness?
  • And, finally, if you would care to read the story of someone who has put conscience to work in the super-coherence of fearless creativity, you might want to try his life story: “Simply Genius.”

If you have any further reading material to add to this list, please share in the comments below.

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