Purpose Rising

Filmed on 11/11/17 at The Purpose Summit in San Francisco.

From the beginning of time there has been purpose in the universe. It came out of the primordial field of consciousness as the fine tuning that made the growth of galaxies possible. It is the life-force that drives evolution and that which awakens the human spirit. There is nothing more powerful than purpose, as it is our reason for being. Yet it becomes manifest in the individual mind and on the Earth in a myriad of ways. Now is the time to activate our highest purpose, both individually and collectively. On an individual level it should reach to the depths of our souls and resonate as the reason for which we were born. On a planetary scale it means a re-affirmation of human rights and civil liberties within democratic traditions to ensure a peaceful, equitable, and inclusive society that will be the foundational premise for the greatest transformation in human history. Purpose thus summons itself to actualize a flourishing future for Earth and its inhabitants.


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Emanuel Kuntzelman at Pioneer of the New Paradigm

Emanuel Kuntzelman’s talk at Pioneer of the New Paradigm: A Tribute to the Work of Ervin Laszlo. Learn about upcoming Global Purpose Movement events at!
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Global Purpose Live - Steve McIntosh

On the fifth episode of Global Purpose Live, Emanuel Kuntzelman interviews integral philosopher Steve McIntosh who discusses personal and collective purpose and its significance for global transformation.

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