Creating a Culture With Purpose

Lately, I have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting on the theme of “creating a culture with purpose.” In choosing that phrase, I’ve also put in a lot of thought into the preposition to use that captures my intentions. I played with creating a culture “OF” purpose, “ON” purpose and finally settled on the word “WITH” as the best …


Cultural Stagnation is the Crux of the Crisis

When we talk about creating positive change, we often look first at ourselves, our search for purpose and for how we can create a lasting ripple effect on the world around us. At the other end of the discussion is our need for a global community where we value compassion and cooperation. However, there is a missing element connecting action …

The Spiritual Rebirth of Democracy

We are innately good beings, having evolved out of biological cooperation and into compassionate spirits, but we no longer seem willing to live according to our highest principles. To reverse this trend, it is time to re-examine what the true purpose is of being a human being and put it into practice. Are you hoping to rediscover your deepest purpose, one that will restore a sense of spiritual meaning and fulfillment in life?